06 GEM E4 Display is flashing, no codes, no odometer, no MPH, flashing turtle, flashing temp symbol.

Greetings. I have an 06 E4 Gem Car that will not move. The display is flashing, the direction icons are flashing with white outline around them, a wrench is flashing, a turtle is flashing. I have removed the ignition switch and disconnected the connector - I temporarily bypassed the 2 wire harness with a jumper and the display will come on but does the same thing. I have inspected wires going to the ignition switch and they seem to be ok. I have also put 12V directly to the motor with A1 and F1 connected to negative and A2 and F2 connected to positive. The wheels turn fine for 5 minutes or so with no issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I know your post is a couple of years old but did you ever resolve the problem? I have an '06 E4 with the same issue.

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