Gem 2007

Hello everyone.
I’m very new to the forum and to GEM cars also. Here is my issue. I have inherited a 2007 model, 4-seater, It does not move. I have had the controller tested at the factory and it is OK. I have just installed new batteries and have 74VDC coming out of the battery pack. The dash display does not show any indication of the odometer or speedometer. The dash display shows all indicators working upon initial energizing. Also the dash indicates that the turn signals and light are functioning but they do not work. There are flashing lights for the turtle, a wrench, temp indicator, and white lights around the R (reverse) and the DH (drive high). No turn signals, or headlights function. The horn does work. There are no error codes.
Can anyone help send me in the correct path for troubleshooting. I am a master electrician by trade with a formal background in electronics. In other words, I speak electrical.

Ignition switch or wires off ignition switch.

Suggest you read all posts in The GEM sectuion (5models) This has been covered more than once.