No power on 2008 Gem Car

I have a 2008 gem car. The warning buzzer stays on unless I turn off main switch. With key on or off. No display on dash. New batteries. Any ideas?

“new batteries”? We’ve seen dozens of times that might be true but something is wrong with one or more.

First thing to do is get digital volt meter and measure the battery voltage on each battery after it’s been sitting off the charger for a few hours. Write it down. Should be over 12.7V and not much more than 13.0V

Second is to put the charger on and while it’s charging measure the voltage on each battery. Write it down. should be 13.8-14.0V

third thing to do is remove the top of the dash board and measure the battery voltage at the big lugs on the controller. it should but the sum of your batteries if when you turn the key you hear a big relay clunk. Otherwise you might need to measure at the big relay.

There’s a thin wire which brings full battery voltage to the input of the controller but I forget the pin number…

My 08 has the controller under the hood, just open the hood and lift the rubber mat and the battery lugs are right there.

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