Please help me with my 02 gem

I was just using my 02 gem and now after I charged it it won’t turn on. The buzzer beeps for the parking brake but if won’t move and there is no display. Thank you

The first thing to look at is the battery voltage(s). ie you need to verify all the batteries are in good health and charged. A digital volt meter(DVM/DMM) is used for that.


Continued beep or stops with brake release?

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Stops with brake release.

If I turn the key on and turn the main off and back on the display turns on for about 2 seconds then turns off. Thanks for all the help!

all the batteries are at regular voltage.

what’s “regular voltage”?

Should be 12.6V or 12.7V each.

there at 12.6 v each

12.6( 75.6V ) is splenty to power up the system so you should have been hearing the contactor’s loud click after releasing the parking brake and see the display power up. Since you are not seeing the display power up, I would now remove the dashboard and measure the voltages there.

On the right side( below the contactor/relay) is the battery cable coming from the last battery in the chain of 6(from the front) leading to the fuse. IIRC you should be able to get the NEG side of the batteries on top of the controller. Look at the white band on the orange wires and you might see a BATT- on one. You should see 75.6V.

While you are in there, look for any wires which have broken loose or loose connectors.

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ok I will take a look at that tomorrow. thank you so much @dougl and @Inwo for all your help!

Sounds like a relay to me over on the right side go to AutoZone buy one for like 4 bucks or O’Reilly’s

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all the connectors and voltage are fine. i will get a relay and try it. thank you everyone for the help

if anyone has more possible solutions please let me know. thank you to everyone

do you happen to know what the relay looks like?