04 gem will not move

New to the forum. Just purchased 04 two seater flatbed at auction. This thing looks like it was never used and garaged. It’s cherry. Will not move though. 78 volts at master switch and all 12v accessories function. Seems like it is in some sort of safety state because when park brake is released alarm sounds and charge indicator is illuminated on dash. Any ideas?

Charger must think it’s plugged in.
What charger in a 04?
If it’s delta-q check the green wire under the dash for 72v.
If no, charger red wire is not connected to battery, or charger needs repair.
To bypass, connect the wire that green is connected to, thru a fuse to B+.
The green from charger supplies power to Gem functions.

Good morning, and thank you for the reply! I am just getting back in the shop after the weekend. It is exactly as you stated. A delta q, that is hooked up to 72v positive and negative, but zero volts on green wire. Bypassed green wire to 72v + and everything functions properly. Can that circuit be repaired or should charger just be replaced?

Chances are it can be repaired.
Probably not a DIY job. Charger needs to be completely disassembled to get at the interlock relay.
Does it charge ok? If not, internal fuse is blown and it should display an error blink.
If it needs minor repair. $100 plus shipping.
No charge if no repair.

It does not charge. Internal fuse is blown, and red led flashes six times for internal fault. We are seeing if the local electronics shop can solder in a new fuse. If not I’d say we will send it directly to you. Thanks for the help.