Zivan vs Delta-a charger

I’m installing a newer dc converter (Sure Power model 71030i) on my ‘02 E825. Got it connected except for the ground (green) wire on the timer. Was told it connects to the top of the charger. However, the Delta-q charger in my GEM has a tag that says not to connect that green wire to ground (different than a Zivan charger?). Can I just connect the timer ground to any other ground?

Be careful with that green wire from the charger. Most likely it is juiced up with B+ (+72v). It is not used in your car.

Not to be confused with the Green wire from the timer. That is looking for +12vDC from your Key when it is switched ON.

Are you trying to do a DC Converter/wiring update yourself? Make sure you fully understand what needs to happen.

Thanks for the info Assyrequired. I am trying to do that upgrade myself. Found the used Surepower converter from a source mentioned in this forum. No directions came with it. Thought I had an instruction manual pdf for that conversion in a tab on my phone browser but apparently not.

Would like to power it up and find a 12v connection like you mentioned for the timer wire but don’t want to smoke anything.

Ironically the 12v connection you are looking for comes from that box you are attempting to install.

  • How far along in the swap are you? (Your original post suggested that you were almost done?)

  • You mentioned you had a timer/relay, so did you get some part of a wiring upgrade/kit with this DC Converter? If you have this wiring kit it makes the conversion much easier, but it can be done without.

The old PWB board had quite a few wires plugged into it. Some of them were simply passing through and can be joined together. Others are being switched/powered to activate one thing or another.

You are working with B+, B-, and 12vdc, so it is important to keep track of what wires do what.

Roughly- the upgrade converted the Keyed safety loop from B- to +12vdc. It uses a couple of relays to interface to the car system (motor controller) and switch on the other half of the DC Converter outputs.

I have a copy of the install instructions but this page format will not allow a simple pdf drop. If you need this document, send me your email address.

Here’s what was in the car.

Here’s what I have now. (Minus the beeper)

I have the three connectors that attached to the old converter plugged into the corresponding connectors on the new harness. I have the red wire connected to the fuse box. All that’s left is that green wire from the timer.

Thanks for that schematic by the way. The schematics I have from the service manual/parts list are not a lot of help.

Found the install instructions and wired the new converter in per directions. There is one difference in my car and all the schematics I have seen. There is a brown/black (?) wire on pin 3 of the 16 pin converter connector. It leads to a 20 pin connector on the steering column.

BDI flashes when the master switch is turned on, but not when the key is turned on. Accessories mostly work (no lights but blinkers, horn and brake lights work). Timer works.

Ah! then you are close.
Did you pull the Gray/W wire out of pin 12? (1x16 pin connector)
That should be going to your other relay(NO) contact. The (COM) usually gets a White wire going to B+. This relay is also triggered by the 12v Keyed wire just like the timer.

If this relay is not working, it will act just as you observe. Pull off the Gray and white (B+) wires and touch them together and the dash should light up. Verify that there is 12v Switched via Key on the green wire and the Black is going to ChassGnd.

Ignore that wire on Pin 3 (1x16p connector). I see that as going to the Seat Belt Reminder light. It probably just lit up for 5 seconds at KeyON as a reminder. If you have one of those on your dash. Maybe hook this to a switch and re-label the light to something like “Missles Armed” or “Pass Seat Eject”. Send 12v to that wire should make it light up(the other end of the light is -12V ChassGnd). Maybe even hook the light to a voice module and record a greeting at KeyON so your car talks to you like KITT. Even spookier would be HAL. “Good morning Dave, Are we going to the store today?”

Bingo. Up and running. Going to have to work on the HAL greeting! Thanks for the help!