New style converter

Polaris would fix my old style converter, so I bought a used converter wiring harness and enclosed converter from a supposedly good running gem. I have two questions:

  1. Is there a 16 pin male to male that was originally supposed to go with the kit? I don’t have one… Rodney or Inwo do you know if there is a gem part number or generic one available to purchase?

Can someone tell me how the green wire is tapped into the zivan charger from the timer?


plugs in the top of the Zivan to the side of the output + and - wires.

There isn’t any empty spades to plug into


It’s a Mystery What are the occupied by?


You need to unplug the green wire that is plugged in the charger.

It won’t let me post the link but just Google “gem car converter update” there is pdf from the DOT that gives you the instructions and wiring diagram.

I have a PDF if you need one, Gives instructions for all charger types


Thank you I have the bulletin, but I guess I didn’t understand it. Can you tell me what I need to do with the green wire that I unplugged from the zivan charger?


See page 4 photo 13 of the instructions.