Zivan to Delta Q?

I am new to this site so I do not know if this has been a problem for anyone else. I have a 2000 GEM E2 and I bought a Delta Q. Does anyone have a wiring diagram that goes from a Zivan to Delta Q? I can’t seem to get the small red and green wires to connect to the Delta correctly. I have some instruction that speak of “to LED” but these wires do not work to those pins.

I think the red and green wires are the interlock wires to prevent cart operation when charger is in operation. DeltaQ’s set up for GEMS have a long lead with the LED on the end.

The rwd nd green don’t have to be used if you jumper the 2 wires from the pod. However ou will then be able to move the cart while charging.

MAKE SURE the charger is set up for the type of batteries you have in your cart.

Thanks alot for the response. The red and the green previously came out of the top of the Zivan. If they are not hooked up to the new charger the cart does come on at all. Apparently there is low voltage that must come out to feed the relay to energize. In addition there is a round multipin connection that appears to be for the temp sensor and contain 2 wires which I am not sure how to wire to the Delta. Yes I had the charger preprogrammed for my flooded trojans.

Old Houseboater,

Just rememered that what you suggest will power the relay and will more than likely
activate so the GEM will be operable. I was thinking that when the diagram I received said to “LED” meant the lights on the console “MPH,Error code etc” and this needed to be powered by the charger directly but now realize that this may not be the case.

Thanks Again I’ll let you know.

Actually the charger contains a normally closed (passing) contact that opens tp prevent cart operation when DeltaQ is powered on.

What was the problem with the Zivan? Did you send it in for repair?

I could never keep my cart charged regardless of charge time. I was told by several GEM owners this was due to a condition where the Zivan began to discharge the batteries if not unplugged in a certain amount of time. I have already changed all the batteries once. In addition I would unplug and it would read 100% charged then after only a few seconds it would read 75% charged and if I plugged it back in the red light would come on stated it needed charged.
No I’m in Annapolis and was unable to locate someone that knew anything about these cars or Zivan chargers.

You may need new batteries. Dont throw away the Zivan, I may be interested.