Zivan vrs. QuiQ?

So…I have a Zivan NG1 and am going to be going to 96v. Lithium. I understand that I should be able to send the Zivan NG1 in for programming for around $100?

Or I can pick up a new QuiQ Part No 912-7200-01 without the plug end for $250.

What would you do?


I hate DeltaQ’s but in this case It’s the best way to go.

The Delta Q is a way better charger then the Zivan. And as Rodney would say “All day & Any day & Twice on Sunday”

Delta Q is programable at home (with soft wear) available online for free. All be it you must own or rent the DONGLE that connects your computer to the charger. You can load and new algorithms/change profiles. Dave have one you can buy or rent. I bought one and love it.

Personally I like the Delta Q (DCI chargers) with the built in DCtoDC converter. I like that the charger does all your DC to DC converting
And you don’t have to run the Surepower DC to DC converter

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No contest . Dq is a much better charger . I think they are the best available .

I just bought 2 of newer DQs Part # 922-7254 with the DC to DC converter built in. I was thinking of swapping out the DQ and eliminating the Converter. I had an updated DQ on a 07 e2 I just sold and noticed the Charge level was showing progress in percentages as well as the SOC bar graph. My 08 doesn’t show this % just the SOC bars. Is this standard on the newer DQs? @LithiumGods @grantwest @Inwo

Firmware update or different profile, yes.

Adding 24 volts to the output, probably not.

I’m 20 minutes away from Electric Conversions, the Zivan distributor, and when I was there to have a charger checked and re-chipped for a different amp rate, it didn’t sound like what you are talking about was anything they would do.