Zivan NG1 Fuse Information (if you are looking for them)

I just called about 50 places and i found a place that carries a good stock of them in Orange County ,CA. The weber fuse is made by Mersen now and the part number is 16035G. The SIBA fuse can be crossed to a Wickman fuse with part number 2312160 .

I just thought i would share this info since i just spent like 5 hours on this lol…nobody knew crap until i found Electrical & Electronic Fuses & Accessories : Fuseco Inc.

It will be great to at last have access to the correct fuses for the NG1. Thank you for the hard work. I too have spent many hours researching GEM parts in order to find alternatives and save us all some money. I have added these to my post covering parts alternatives. http://www.electricforum.com/cars/neighborhood-electric-vehicles-hev/2626-lists-alternative-superseded-parts.html

There are two different fuses in the NG1, correct. One is about 3 times larger than the other. I am not sure about other Gem cars since this is my first one. The fuses were still not cheap (At like $5 a piece) but they are WAY MORE easy to find when u have a more easily accessible part number and companies that still exist and produce fuses.