Fusible link on GEM, source?

New Gem owner, problem with this fuse, its blown and i am looking for replacement. Any idea who carries it?

Is this fuse from inside the charger? If so, they are available. These are known for melting together and are an odd amperage.


Yes its 16 amp, from the charger. You know your stuff thanks. Who sells them ?

It was another member who spent several hours finding these. I just posted the information on my
There are two possible fuses and both are 16 AMP. There are no pictures of these on the website, so you will have to order both. The 16035-g, a Mersen number, cost $4.63 and the 2312160, a Wickman number, cost $5.75. Both are in stock. You must call Fuseco because these are odd numbers that won’t appear on their website. Their number is 888-840-3873.


Awesome, thank you Sir I will order them and confirm back which one it was

I have replaced a Zivan fuse before and the charger lasted several years before needing service. Your results might not be the same. There is usually a reason why the fuse blew. It is possible your charger may still need service.