Charging problem

gem car has been running pretty flawlessly. I did replace thermal sensor a few months ago. Played 18 yesturday, brought home to plug in and NOTHING. charer doenst kick in. I checked outlet, (not the prob) swtiched cords (not the prob either)… Any thoughts… FUSES? I will try to find them tonight.

What year GEM do you have and what brand charger?

[QUOTE=GEMmechanic;9125]What year GEM do you have and what brand charger?[/QUOTE]

2000 or 2001… zivan


My 2009 GEM quit charging
Just got my bill for a rebuilt charger ($400.00)
Plus $150 labor :frowning:

The fuses are available for the Zivan NG1 charger. Another member spent considerable time finding these. Both fuses are included in my list of alternative parts:


3 yr warranty
Thanks for the quick response