Xtreme Green Bad BMS Board

I have an Xtreme Green electric UTV that my onboard TC Charger ( TCCH-H114-14) stopped charging. Would flash green/red code which means battery disconnected. We found that one battery (100 ah CALB) had shorted and melted the cap. I went and ordered 24 batteries from China which took several months to receive and when it arrived the entire bank of 12 batteries in series had been nearly drained to zero which I found odd, while the other side of the bank was fine. Hook up new batteries all batteries read around 3.2 volts before putting them in.

Charger still codes green/red but now the head unit which would read the voltage of each battery now reads nothing. I go back check all the balance leads and my pictures to make sure they match, which they do. Follow the balance leads back to the box below and notice the M2 input side of the board is burnt. Leads me to believe the shorted battery burnt the circuit board as well.

I assume all my issues are around the burnt up balance board but I’m so new to this that I don’t know if that makes sense? The manufacturer of the UTV went out of business a while ago and I can’t find any real part numbers on it, just a serial number. Does this board look familiar to anyone that can point me in the direction of one?

Nothing I recognize. Enough searching might find it. IMO just replace it with something low cost, like smart bms.
I would recommend JK bms but I can’t for lfp cells. Actually if it were mine, I’d use shunt balance boards and monitor them for a while.