Testing CALB 3.2V 100AH Batteries


I recently purchased an Xtreme Green Transport Pro which is a LSV. Xtreme Green went out of business a few years ago so I’m kinda flying blind here. Nevertheless I purchased it off of the City of Chicago knowing it needed some batteries replaced. After I received it, it was showing what I assumed was a battery disconnected error, found two bad batteries show 0 volts, and replaced them.

Now I power on and it is no longer showing an error code, I think I’m in the clear… WRONG. Soon as I give it some gas I get a new error code that looks like this: (M). No idea where to begin with that, but I assume its battery related again as it doesn’t happen until I begin pulling higher amps. The (M) also occasionally shows up with a batter error.

So now my question is where can I get a decent battery tester/balancer for these batteries so that I can test each one under a load to see which one might have a fault. I’ve been looking at the ICharge X6 and from the reviews I saw online its a pretty handy little tool and should be able to get the job done. Anyone with any experience with it or any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

You need to disconnect cells to bottom balance manually.
Best way is to connect them all in parallel and drain them to about 2.8 volts.

Best way to top balance is to use discrete shunt balancers. One for each cell.

Depending on terminal spacing, I may have some that fit. $5 per cell.

Trying to voltage balance lifepo4 anywhere but top or bottom is a fools errand. Imo

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