Reviving dead LFP cells?

Well… I done fuckered up…

Whenever it was that I “parked” the '02, a year and half (?) ago, I forgot to pull the 4p LifePo4 60Ah green cell “7th battery” pack and disconnect the balance boards. Oops. Periodically I would plug it and the main pack to charge, but never paid attention to that it would “finish” instantly since I couldn’t see the LFP charger to see the charge light go green. Obviously, it was that it was actually below the start voltage for the charger.

When I pulled it last week I discovered all 4 cells were down to 0.3 to 0.0 volts.

Anyone ever try recovering from a situation where the battery sits at 0volts for an extended period of time?

I’ve read/seen that you can trickle charge at about 3v, very low amps, for an extended period and maybe recover the cells. Any factual accuracy to this? Obviously, it’s a crap shoot some batteries will never come back. And the ones that do, are damaged goods.

Any other tricks or suggestions welcome on this to see if I can at least get a few of them to bounce back - I’ll use them for something other than the GEM if they do.



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Green cells are tough. Might come back enough to be useful if this is the first time… Charging volts doesn’t matter. I charge at about an amp til up to about 2 volts.

Had someone kill a whole pack, all close to zero. Got all back but 2. Start charging them real slow. I use 1/2a . Like Dave said when they get to 2v bump the current up. If the are tightly compressed they might recover. I have some spares in stock if you need them.

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