WTB: 6.5kW motor 2016+

Since my previous WTB asking for an EPS was successful and I’ve found a good deal, I’ll try with this… as the title says wondering if someone has a 6.5kW motor from a 2016+ gem for sale

Will the 8kW Siemens motors from Dave & Mike’s AC kit a few years ago fit?
I have one that I never did install.

Oh, wait, is it even the right voltage or collet size / # splines for your project, Gabe?

The 8kw motor will fit - it has the correct splines but the motor coupler will need drilling. There is a collar on the 2016+ gearboxes that requires the motor coupler to be widened for the first 8mm of depth on the 8kw motor

I have one of these here, but I went back to oem (still need to change gearbox) so I’m looking the Mahle 6.5kW.

Thanks. I was wondering what changed on the new gearbox inputs.

No worries. Just tossing it out there if you needed it. It won’t fit Emmy, not that I would change the motor there anyway and 10eL is going up for sale soon and it would blow those turf tires apart.

@JarJarJava what are you getting to replace the eL ?

That would be Emmy.
A 2015 eM1400-LSV. Full cab, power dump bed, custom built cage for the bed. Bought it from Dave when he ran out of barn space.

Second truck I’ve bought from Dave. Lol.

Haven’t done done much with it yet. Have all the parts for a big battery pack, haven’t built it yet. Have to now though, I had one of the eight original massive (265Ah) AGMs blow when I was coasting on regen two weeks ago.

Literally uplifted a corner of the battery. Sounded like a .32 ACP going off

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