Would you trust Google to create the next generation of NEVs?

Google investing in neighbourhood electric vehicles

While there is no doubt that Google is always at the forefront of new technology, how many people would have expected the company to push towards the front of the NEV market? Californian authorities have this week confirmed that Google has increased the number of licences for its driverless cars from 23 up to 48.

These permits relate to vehicles currently being tested on a private track which Google believes would be perfect for the NEV market. This is a market which continues to grow in the US and with a top speed of 25 mph these two seater driverless vehicles would seem perfect.

Sometimes just because you can doesn’t mean you should. A rash of driver less cars probably isn’t just around the corner. However what they learn from this project will be items that will apply to future products.

I saw the driver-less technology used on a GEM car in Southern California… using an e6 Limo… was interesting… the people seemed to be happy to just ride along… I’d probably be screaming… I like creating my own experiences…as my licence plate holder says… get in… sit down… shut up… hang on…



Gotta agree with Bob AGAIN.:rolleyes:


Auro Robotics | Self Driving Shuttles for in-campus travel

Driverless shuttle tested at Sacramento State | The Sacramento Bee

here are a couple of videos I found


Technology eh, Have you ever seen the Google Maps cars driving about?


No… they seem to travel a different path than I do… I use Google maps and lots for scouting my first time trips… since they don’t have a GEM route… walk and bike my route


I am sure Google can create a well made product, but driving a car is fun. I would much rather get a feel of how the car is reacting.

welcome American Custom Golf Cars… have seen and love your custom carts… joined your FB group… your latest post is too good… will share it with my NEV group… please join us and share more,

Much appreciated!!!
I thought it was pretty funny. Really trying to get our golf carts out there since there are a lot of areas that haven’t seen our cars. I would love to join your group, but don’t have a personal page. Feel free to check out our instagram page though. @acgcars :smiley:

I’d invite you to come to Colorado but our golf cart dealers think carts are for golf courses not for the streets… and our citizens won’t give up the gas guzzling F-350s… I take my GEM car to car shows and talk about my 2 cents a mile cost of operation and fun I have in a 15 mile circle… get a lot of looks but I’m basically the only one on the street… the Denver area will allow ‘street legal’ carts on the street… sad and I guess will only get worse for the next 4 years


some of my car show photos