Is your electric golf cart good value for money?

We will be adding a lot more content about electric golf carts over the next few weeks, months, etc.

One question to get us started - Is your electric golf cart good value for money?

as the golf carts conform more to the street legal cart and cities allow them the same latitudes as the NEV/LSV… they will be a deal as I believe they are less expensive than a GEM or any other NEV/LSV on the street today… in Denver I understand some communities are allowing them… have not seen many… saw one down town one night last summer… he got away from me so I didn’t see if it was plated… a lady crossed ahead of me a few weeks ago… tracked her down… she had a Club Car… no plate and she said there were a group who went the 10-15 blocks to tailgate at Bronco games and she took her dogs to the park… calls her band of misfits the Golf Cart Mafia… haven’t seen her again… she wished she’d see the GEM car before here purchase… sadly we have no GEM dealer and 4 or 5 golf cart dealers


If golf carts are safe and reliable I don’t see any reason why they should not be allowed on public roads? Electric golf carts seem to have sneaked under the radar as they far and away outsell traditional NEVs.

Greendriver… the reason golf carts out sell NEVs is mainly because they don’t have to have the safety stuff… also you see them more than an NEV… I’m the only NEV driver in Denver… there are a couple owned by private companies or Government that aren’t licensed

Thanks for the info - makes sense.

NEV/LSV are a new phenomenon they didn’t really exist until 1998 when the first NEV/LSV laws were past.

They got a real boost in 2002 when the government subsidy for electric vehicles applied to them. People bought them cheap for awhile.

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