Could you be without your NEV?

While the market for neighbourhood electric vehicles is often seen as something of a side note it is huge and growing bigger each year. Many people have now come to depend upon their NEVs and we thought it would be interesting to ask the question, could you be without your NEV?

in a word… NO… it’s my daily driver and in the summer my show car… for winder the car has a cargo box to keep the cargo… mostly groceries dry… summer I turn it into a pickup… photos are of my GEM car eS… the decal of G-Force Racing was a short lived Polaris dealer who gave up the franchise… was hoping they’d be a sponsor of my car… not to race… think that was just their largest decal… looking for someone to perform service on the car… I have since found a couple of garages…


Sure I could. I have a Town Car and an Avalanche. They sit unless I have to leave the area.

Could doesn’t mean I intend to it just answers the question.

We live in a cart friendly community. I might drive the car a couple of times a week and the truck basically doesn’t move.


my ‘big boy’ car is an '04 Prius with 27,000 miles… my GEM is an '05 with 8,000 miles… not saying I don’t drive a lot… the GEM is more fum… I got it in 2011 for Father’s Day with 874 miles on it… I may drive only about 10 miles at a time but I save on gas… have never seen a great increase on my power bill… put gas in the Prius about every 6 months… average 45-47 miles… wouldn’t drive it as much as I do but my wife isn’t a GEM car fan… her loss


Yes – I would get by for many of the trips with a car or bicycle. I just wouldn’t have as much fun. :slight_smile:

it’s called Fun at 25mph ©… think a bike might be fun but I too old and fat… am happy in my GEM car as well… if it rains I’m inside have soft doors… my latest photo at a car show last week


[quote=eS GEM Colo;32317]my latest photo at a car show last week

I’ve thought of going to the cars and coffee get together here one day – I need to do it. I bet we’d steal the show.

probably… the GEM car is that way… although you’re in Florida and they are more common than here in the Denver area… I do stand out in a crowed… a couple more photos… I’ve just joined a bunch of lowriders… we all have batteries in common …


Sold our 2nd. car since getting the Gem. Wife or I use it everyday for store, post office,golf, out to lunch/dinner for about 100 miles per month average. Licensed as NEV so can drive on any street in town as all are 35MPH or less. Golf carts are allowed in town but have to stay on trails/sidewalks. There is only one other NEV licensed in town, a Tomberlin. Our Gem draws a crowd every where we go. It’s fun to turn down the offers from wannabe buyers.

dcannow… there is a golf cart limo service working in Port Townsend WA… they have two 6 passenger cars… I’ll call them cars more than carts because they are built as NEV/LSVs… the wave of NEV/LSV is coming and we are leading the way… have fun with your car