How do the public react when you drive your neighbourhood electric vehicle?

Even though neighbourhood electric vehicles are now more popular than they ever have been, with sale set to grow significantly in the future, reactions from the general public can vary enormously. What kind of reaction do you get when driving your NEV?

I have a GEM. We live in a cart friendly community but GEM’s are different. I get a thumbs up every once in awhile. There are several Prius cars in town but they don’t get a 2nd look. The TESLA’s do though. The Leaf’s, Ford and GM HyBrids etc. don’t look that much different than Petrol/Gasolene cars and are not noticed as being different.

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I don’t live in a gated community… I have free run of Denver Colorado and the neighboring cities… I get smiles and thumbs up on the street for the most part… although I have by-passed the governor and have a top speed beyond the 25mph legal speed… I tend to drive the 25 mph streets and only venturing onto busy streets if I really have to get somewhere in a hurry… at car shows where I can talk to people one to one and can show then the car I get a lot of interest but I’m still the only GEM car on the street… think people can’t see the value of a car for running the short trips to the store… doctor… barber/beauty shop… coffee… garage sales… neighborhood functions… the NEV/LSV has a place on the street… Denver is allowing golf carts on the street… not sure what real restrictions came along… know a group who call themselves ‘The Golf Cart Mafia’… they take their pets to the park and go to the Broncos (local Football team) games since the field is within 3 miles of the area…

thru my NEV/LSV group on Facebook… I’m finding taxi companies around the country using both GEM cars and golf carts to move people… in Denver we have a company who builds electric Tuk Tuks… they have been on the down town streets for about a year as taxis… have filled the void of going further than a Pedicab and Uber… can carry 6 passengers… photos…


Wish I had a dollar I was asked what is that? Even had traffic stop to look.I tell people stand back 300 ft when I fire up jet engine:lol:

made my car a Mopar with the decal on the inside of the hood and a RAM on the outside… next a ‘it’s a HEMI’ decal and a dragster sound track… vroom… vroom

awwww :d :boxing:

signs both showing it’s electric and plugs in and watch out for me


My car is not quite a NEV. It can hit highway speeds and I often refer to it as a runabout. It will runabout an hour then you have to get out and push. I live in a small tourist town so I am known by most of the locals. When I first converted my car everyone thought it was a novel idea and I got a lot of patronizing smiles. When gas got up to over $4 a gallon people took notice and all of a sudden I was an expert and they wanted to know more about how to get an electric car. Gas is back down a bit and for the most part so are the questions. My car has become obsolete with all the new stuff that is available now but it still gets me where I want to go at a fairly rapid pace.