Is there any alternative to GEM NEVs?

The more I look into NEVs the more I see GEMs as the only real choice - or am I missing something?

Old Ford Thinks are out there but support and maintenance is sketchy. Electric golf carts, but they aren’t legal on highways in most states. A used GEM, if you can find one in good repair, is another good choice.

EZGO 2 Five, ClubCar Villager, MOTO Electric, Yamaha LSV, Columbia ParCar Summit, etc.

There are a lot of LSV’s to choose from

The big difference between an LSV (low speed vehicle) and a NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) is NEVs are street legal in many states and can be plated and registered. LSVs can be allowed by ordinance but can not be titled (no vin). It all depends on where you live and where you want to drive (and how fast).


Most people understand NEV and LSV to mean the same thing. In your State (Pensylvania) the law uses the term LSV, In Florida both terms are included in the law.

Are you rerfering to street legal Golf Carts , which under Florida law require lights,
horn and turn signals.

The above manufacturers mentioned all build title capable NEV/LSV vehicles as well as street legal golf carts.

Right. PA requires NEV certification which has federal regulations on speed limits, belts, horns, wipers, turn signals, safety glass and must be electric. I’m sure that FL and CA have less stringent rules (imagine that!) on LSVs. Not sure what the UK has for regulations.

PA has an LSV (not NEV) law that became effective in May of this year. They were one of the last states to enact legislation on these vehicles.

Florida and California rules , are for all practical purposes, the same as the majority of the rest of the states. In some areas even more stringent.

How popular are these vehicles in the EU? Do NEV/LSV laws exist in these countries?

I’m probably getting mixed up with certification vs registration. Sorry if I’ve confused things.

Just found this which might be interesting to some members:-

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Laws By State - The Car Electric

Note: All states that have NEV laws are not on this list. There have been recent approvals as recent as May of this year.

If your state is missing Google Your State + NEV Law, or Your State LSV Law.

in Colorado they call the GEM a LSV but had plates that actually said Neighborhood Vehicle… they were ‘discontinued do to a lack of interest’ so said the lady at the DMV… I’ve seen a car with them… kind of cool…

I think GEM car has a strong foothold in the market… NEV/LSV have a place and although they are very limited I can tell you that my GEM car is my daily driver and it pretty much takes me any and every where I want to go… I have hopped it up and can go faster than the 25mph the legal speed…but for the most part I stay between 25-30

there are a couple of new NEV/LSV’s out there… the ecocruise built in WA… on a push for dealers… so far in the LA area and Phoenix area… Kevin Miller National Sales Director at Ecocruise

the Atomic Electric Vehicle… built in IN… dealers in IN and FL… they are also looking for dealers… Jim Rice CEO & Founder at Atomic Electric Vehicles LLC

an Atomic lookalike is also sold in Asia at the Stallions and in Europe as Mullen 100e

Mullen has a dealer in SoCal who also sells other NEV’s that look like gold carts under Escalade and early Ford bodies

Village Cartworks - Atomic Electric Vehicles - Home Page


I have a group on facebook… GEM Car Photos… but have included things from golf carts to non GEM photos… Ecocruise and Atomic post often…


there is a GEM car lookalike… I guess… the Loft Motors car… built in IN as well…

there seem to be more but they don’t get in the spotlight… there is an NEV cab company in Austin and soon to be in St Louis… I know their cars are built in OK… don’t remember the name… and from WI is the e-Ride… it’s a pretty big truck in a couple of configurations… I drove one… didn’t really impress me…

I like my clunky little eS GEM car


pictured are the Atomic… my photos are of the Stallions from Thailand… the PacCar of the Electric Cab of Austin… and the ecocruise

Atomic Electric Vehicle… video

e-Ride videos

ecrocruise video

electric cab of Austin… they have a fleet of all different cars


the LOFT Motors car… looks like the GEM car… since the Polaris GEM has hit the market with a price tag of $$$$… this car might be an alternative… it has had a few problems… being a Chinese car that is assembled in the US and with few dealers, it may or may not fly… it has been around for a few years…