How did you get your title, and what does it say on it?

I called my local title office this morning, asking them about purchasing an NEV (the Mullen Urbee). I got some interesting questions. One reoccurring question was “it this like the little white one I see around town”? The little white number she is referring to is a GEM e2. Is it [U]like [/U]the GEM? I don’t know! I would think that it is, since both are small passenger NON-highway vehicles, with max speeds of 25mph?

But she wasn’t sure how it would be titled or registered in Ohio. So she put me on hold and made several calls. Ultimately, she said that if I did not have a title (and I am not sure that this car is sold with a title - asking the seller by email) then I would have to take the MCO, and exchange it for a title, and it would be labeled as a “USV” or under-speed vehicle. That class is for 20mph or slower vehicles and can NOT be driven on a public road. Period. Unless you are a city worker, with a small utility truck (like the ones that empty trash at parks).

When I reminded her that it goes 25, and not 20, she said that is a different thing altogether. And that I would need to take it to my sheriffs office. That process that she is referring to is Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.) 4503.10. Which says, in so many words, that my local police or sheriff has to write me a certification that says I am allowed to drive it in town. Then I would take that certificate to the title office. I can tell you how that would go. NOT WELL. :wink: Although, according to the legal text, this still refers to a 20mph or slower.


So, can someone tell me what the title of their NEV says on it? Is it labeled as an NEV or LSV, or even a USV? I am especially interested in hearing from those who may be from Ohio. :slight_smile:

The car is a NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) or LSV (low speed vehicle) When you buy one you get a title the same as an automobile. The car should have a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) In most states you license and insure it the same as a car. you are limited to roads with a posted speed limit of 35 MPH or less. Check to make sure OHIO has the same rules.

rayhaque…I’m in Colorado with a GEM… I started with my insurance company (State Farm) and gave the lady there the VIN… a 17 number and letter thing that is or should be in your car… from that she told me they could insure it… the car came from Calif and had a title so I only had to walk it thru the DMV… there are a couple of ways to go… I guess… not knowing exactly what you have for paper work now… I’d call the manufacturer and get the MCO… lond and short… go to the DMV don’t call… if you are standing in front of a person they can put their heads together and I’m sure you’ll have your plate pretty quickly

I took my paperwork to the DMV… having bought my car in CA and shipped to CO… it had expired CA plates on it and my law abiding wife wouldn’t let me drive it to the DMV a mile and a half away… I walked in with the title… bill of sale… and the plates… the lady was nice put the info into the computer… asked if I’d like an NEV plate for it… oh boy… why not… she went away with my papers and returned shortly saying she was very sorry… the NEV plate had been discontinued due to a lack of interest… then she said you must take the car to a smog inspection place… HUH??? turned that they wanted 25 bucks to do a VIN verification not to look for the missing exhaust pipe… she leaned over the counter and whispered I could go to a car dealer as well… I walked out with the form and a temporary tag… got home put the tag in the window and headed to a ‘buy it here’ lot who was over joyed to look at the car and fill out the paperwork… back to the DMV and got the permanent tag… and everyone came to see the car… took a few hours


I wish it was that easy…I have 2 from 2002 and neither were ever titled so now just extremely large paperweights