Would you travel to work on an electric scooter?

The modern day electric scooter is very compact, can be folded for easy storage and seems to have a journey capacity which goes on forever. However, would you travel to work on an electric scooter?

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If it would do highway speed and weather proof, yes.


Mmmmm I will take that as a no then lol

Well we live several miles from town or work, if we lived in town where the speed limit was less than 45mph, and it never rained or snowed it would be a different story.

I guess it really does depend on how far people live from their work. I myself live in Amsterdam where people mostly travel to work by bike.

I have a workmate ride on the electronic scooter all day

And this is just temporary toy or he rides it for long time?

Italians like scooters. Do we have any Italian members?

Now an electric Italian scooter - that would be cool :slight_smile:

You don’t have to travel all the way to work on an electric scooter. Another option may be to take public transportation and then use an electric unicycle to get to work from there. I find this very efficient. :slight_smile:

Definitely! Living in San Francisco, it can be a lot faster than commuting via car. Electric scooters for commuting are definitely a good solve in the city.

According to me it would be the best option to travel on electric scooters or say on Pride scooters as it brings a different experience than the normal scooters. Such types of scooters are especially made for physically disabled persons those who wanted to be self dependent in their life and to go on work without any assistance from other peoples to drop them out upto their workstations. A Few days ago I have read in some article source about such mobility scooters are also available online at very lowest price.