Hello from across the water

Hello everyone,

I have just joined the forum this evening after searching for some time to find a place where I could join an online community that could hopefully help me and to share tips and ideas.

I am a disabled student nurse married for two years and living in Wales. I made my first purchase of a Zipper 1000w electric scooter last year and so far it has proven to suit my needs perfectly. Being disabled my options for choosing a vehicle were limited and so to find an Electric vehicle that both suited me and allowed me greater freedom has been invaluable.

I will look forward to getting more involved with other threads but for now I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

Welcome. Please share your experience with your Zipper. Most of us never heard of it.


Hi Rodney,

Thank you for the welcome and How are you. I’m not sure if it’s possible but if so I can try uploading a photo of the Zipper Scooter in the future but just to maybe answer some questions for people who are not familiar.

I am a disabled man who had first set out to buy a moped or in time an old Vespa scooter however due to my condition I am relatively slight and didn’t have the stength to hold up a petrol machine. The Zipper Scooter is a perfect alternative as it combines the look of a scooter with the capabilities of a small engine moped.

Taking just six hours to charge with a maximum range of aprox 35 km here in Wales it is perfectly road legal without requiring any tax or insurance although this might change. Another useful feature is the fact that is it easily transportable and can be folded down and carried in the boot of a car. Combine this with a speed of 30MPH and until I build up strength this is something I can highly recommend.