What is this NEV?

My wife saw this and took a photo, not a GEM. Looks like a 1 passenger, has a windshield. Sorry she didn’t get a better photo.

Tommy… it might be this… without the doors…

The Shoprider Traveso Mobility Scooter is the brand new 8mph, road legal, class 3, disabled scooter from Shoprider.

The Shoprider Traveso disabled scooter has a durable rustproof cover to keep you dry. The windows can be opened, and the doors can even be removed to give you ventilation as well as safety and protection. The windscreen wipers and rear view mirrors are also fitted as standard, and there is a handbrake for your additional safety. The Traveso scooter is also lockable so it can be left safely.

The Shoprider Traveso electric scooter provides a weatherproof environment without being exposed to the elements. The features, comfort and performance that the Shoprider Traveso provides are unrivalled.

A Hi / Lo speed switch is fitted to reduce the speed to 4mph so that the Shoprider Traveso mobility scooter can be used legally on the pavement as well as on the road.

The Delta handlebar means that the Shoprider Traveso electric scooter can be steered and controlled using either the left or right hand. The adjsutable Captain seat provides a superb level of comfort, and allows you to find your perfect driving position easily.

All these features, combined with advanced steering controls and suspension, make the Shoprider Traveso a very desirable and practical disabled scooter. Now you can go out or return home in the worst of weathers, in the comfort and safety of the Shoprider Traveso electric scooter.

The Shoprider Traveso mobility scooter has a maximum range of 20 miles and a maximum user weight of 35 stone / 222Kg.
Full light set
Rustproof all weather lockable cap
Delta tiller controls
Swivelling Captain seat with headrest
Full suspension
13" / 33cm wide profile wheels
Doors on both sides
Wiper and rear view mirror as standard
Genuine automotive windshield for climate safety
Centimeters and Kilograms Inches and Pounds
Adjustable speed tick
Height 162 cm
Length 160 cm
Maximum range 20 miles
Maximum user weight 222 kg
Number of wheels 4
Road legal tick
Safe climbing angle 12 °
Weight with batteries 195 kg
Width 73 cm


you can actually buy this on Amazon



Looks like a GEM for kids

no it is a mobility scooter… I actually found that in 2013 I’d posted a photo of one on Facebook… it was sold at Walmart… they still list it but out of stock… the cheapest one on Amazon is sold by a company here in Denver… looks like it’s maybe about 4-5 miles away… I looked on Google… didn’t find exact address it’s a multi-use area of houses and businesses… might just have to take a ride


Wow, I looked all over the internet and gave up. Just couldn’t find it. I think you’ve got it though. My wife said she saw it again and tried to take another photo but it turned out worse.

For the price of one new I’d rather have a used GEM. I haven’t worked on mine in awhile. The aluminum bed is mostly done, just received in some stake pockets for the side boards, also have the tail lights and license plate holder/light which I need to install and wire up. Need to get some more bolts and install those then make the side boards and that will be done. Also plan on dumping the gear oil before she hits the road. It’s been sitting 4 or 5 years or more.

By the time I get all this done I should be able to afford batteries. They were sold out of the Energizer group 31 at Sams, at least right now on website. I’ll check back in late February/early March when I’m ready to purchase them.

I’ll look at the Shoprider when I get more time. Glad it officially exists and not just in some alternate reality.

you see or at least I do the people on mobility chair scooters… this is an upgrade of that… like the GEM car is really an upgrade of a golf cart… put a roof over your head and you’ll probably drive the car more… I have doors… heated seats… weather doesn’t really stop me… the Chamber of Congress in Denver says we get over 300 days of nice weather… I drive close to 350 days…