Have you ever tried an electric bike?

There is no doubt that electric bikes are more popular today than ever before, but have you ever tried one?

If so we would welcome your comments and feedback :slight_smile:



About 3 months ago I was introduced to an Easy Motion bicycles and was able to take it one on the road. It was an amazing experience and I am now very curious about other makes and models and how they compare.

We purchased Toba Edison electric-assist bicycles to throw on our RV instead of purchasing a small tow car. This past summer we went on a 3-month RV tour of WA, OR, UT, ID, BC. The bikes themselves were fabulous - the assist levels out hills that, at our age, can be very difficult. We found that we had no fear planning and doing a 60km ride, whereas without the assist we probably would limit ourselves to 20km. So I highly recommend said bikes.

The disadvantage we found, a bike’s usefulness depends highly on multi-use paths or very wide roadways. Portland, Couer d’Alene, Salt Lake City & surrounding area, Zion NP, Moab, etc were all great for bikes. But, on our way home we took the 101 Oregon Coast highway. It has a lot of signs saying “share the road with bikes” etc, but, because the shoulder is about 2 inches, if you’re on a bike you have to ride on the road. And it’s a highway, and many drivers figure they’re in a GTA5 game. So we didn’t do any biking there although the scenery was great and we saw lots of cyclists who did use the road.

Bottom line, more and more multi-use paths are being built in many cities, or lines painted to give safe lanes, and electric-assist bicycles work really, really well to give you as much exercise as you want (the Toba lets you set assist at zero through full), while helping you over the rough spots.