Working current

Figuring out a new battery solute for my think. One spec I’m not totally clear on and could use advice from the more technical minds on here. Battery working and max current (so I can spec correct BMS and wiring). What I can surmise is 100amp working and 250amp max current based on the contractor having a max draw of 250amps but the main fuse is 400amps so not totally sure. Anyone know for sure?

Go by the controller which is 350a or 450a peak.

Working on a similar problem on a 2018 Gem Car E2.

I installed a Vicrtron Shunt last week and have been racing around, fully loaded, up hills to see what my maximum draw is. The highest number I have recorded is 304 amps and this was a peak that lasted only a second or two. Running a steady 20 mph on flat ground draws 45 amps. This data is leading me to the conclusion that a BMS rated for 300 amp continuous discharge will be adequate for my application. Good luck on your project.

If still running 48v a larger bms is needed. 300a continuous will be fine.
They us a 450a controller.
I find only occasional trips using 350a peak bms, but usually at the worst time. Pulling out in traffic or such.
180 continuous rating is ok as long as the peak can be set high enough. For example, ant 350a bms can be set to 400.

Thanks both. Very useful info.