Will pay for assistance $$$

I’ve had issues with my 2012 GEM E6 for the past 4 months and I not the closest dealer can fix the issue.

Here is a run down on what’s happened:

  • car was not running - giving me code 21.
  • took it to the dealer and they said to replace the accelerator. I tried two different accelerators (One new from dealer and another known working one (thanks @Inwo) and still was getting the same code.
  • took it back to the dealer and they said it needed a new controller. Sent the controller to ride 4 fun for rebuild. Reinstalled and still got the same code.
  • sent back to ride for fun and they did another round of testing and they said they could not recreate the code.
  • talked to GEM support and they said that I likely have an open wire.
  • Installed new wiring to the controller.
  • Code 21 is finally gone!
  • Now I get code 5 when I push the accelerator more than half way. Car still does not move at all. Tried the old accelerator with the same symptoms.

I do not want to bring it back to the closest dealer as they clearly don’t know what they are doing. The next one is over 1.5 hours away and I would need to find a trailer.

Many of you have been extremely helpful. Especially @Inwo - I feel bad for using his time as he has provided me a lot of advice so far.

I know some basics of electronics and can use a volt meter but a lot of the wiring diagrams are above my head.

I’m willing to pay someone to assist me. Either through this forum, email, FaceTime, etc. please respond or message me and we can sort out the terms.

Thank you in advance I really have no idea where to go from here.

Code 5 is easy enough if throttle is good.
Check voltage at P3 which comes from the throttle switch… It will be >2.5v.
The switch in the throttle closes to B-, shorting P3 to grd B-.
P3 needs to go near zero volts when throttle is pressed for car to run.

To prove this (be careful) Run P3 and a B- wire to a switch. Turn switch on as you throttle up and car will move.
In a pinch, I make an add-on electronic switch to do this exact same thing.

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.

Where are you located ?

I’m in Dallas, Texas

Just an update that I’ve ordered some t taps so I don’t have to cut into the wiring. They are expected to be here Saturday and then I’ll do this texting. Thanks again for your wisdom. Will report back soon.

I’ve seen those connectors fail countless times. When I have a wiring problem and I see someone used them I know I’ve probably found the problem.