Why I won't Buy an Electric Car

Don’t get me wrong. I think they are a wonderful invention, and they have been for over a hundred years. Electric cars were introduced in the early 20th century, but the weight and dangers of lead-acid batteries made the novelty short-lived. I would love to “get back” at the gas companies for charging us ten times what their products are worth. And that’s the problem for electric cars.

As soon as electric cars proliferate, the cost of charging will multiply like gasoline, so it’s a no-win scenario. If a quick charge costs $5.00 now, they will just jack it up to $15 or $20 or more. Even if we charge our cars at home, the city will just raise electric rates to stay in line with the supply-and-demand tenet. Add to that the cost of battery replacement, and we may end up paying MORE than a gasoline powered car. No matter what we do, we, the consumers, will never be able to win against greedy corporations. I hate them for it.

Electric cars and solar are made for each other. I installed enough solar to power our house plus our electric car. Now they can raise the electric rates as much as they want, and I just laugh…

Just do the math. We have an electric (Miev). Our current electric rates are $.14/KwHr.
The car usually uses 5 KwHr per day for about 30 miles of driving. Thus our cost for a week of driving is $4.90.

Compare that to a gasser that gets 30mpg. A weeks worth of driving costs us $29.

They would have to have an incredible increase in electrical rates to match that. Very unlikely.

BTW We have solar. I’ve added five panels to cover the electric car usage. Once that cost (less solar rebates) is covered, we drive for free…

If the only reason you would consider going electric is the cost, then it makes sense that you would not be interested in purchasing an electric vehicle. However, there are more reasons than the price to consider owning one.

Electric vehicles are quieter, thus helping to lower the “noise pollution” levels in our neighborhoods and cities and on our highways.

Electric vehicles can be a “greener” alternative to gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles that currently clog our highways, particularly if the electricity it takes to charge one is from an environmentally-friendly source – solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, etc. And their lack of exhaust emissions helps to keep our air and water cleaner!

Like recycling your aluminum cans, It seems a small thing, but if enough people do it, it can change the world.