Why a windshield wiper?

So help me out a bit, why did they put a wiper motor/arm on gems with no water spray mechanism? Just for rain?

To make it legal and for when you get caught in the sprinklers.
Later cars did have washers in them.

well i guess i should consider putting an arm on it as the PO removed it.

Windshield washer liquid pump with sprayer was an option on earlier models for the UK. Can’t recall exactly for what year I saw it in the sales brochures, might have been on 05 and up, possibly earlier.

Definitely not 99-04 it appears.

Yes, windshield wipers are for visibility in the rain. Or as @JarJarJava mentioned getting caught driving through someones lawn when they have the sprinklers on.

A manual washer method requires ~ 2 cups of water. splash one cup of water on the windshield, turn on the wiper then dump the 2nd cup of water on it when the wiper at at the bottom of the cycle.


That was @AssyRequired actually.

I’m just enjoying the conversation on squirting GEMs.

OMG it sounded like YOU so much I think your corruption is spreading! LOL

Maybe the wiper arm should be flipped around to the inside so when you are making motor sounds with your mouth it will wipe all the spittle off the glass.

I think your corruption is spreading!

Yes it is.

There is something to that if you park your GEM outside and don’t have doors or a full cover. On some morning I am getting ‘rained on’ as water droplets which formed on the inside roof are dripping on me as I make turns and hit bumps. Wiping the inside of the windshield is often required. Spittle or no spittle.

All your. ̶ ̶b̶a̶s̶e̶ ̶ ̶ GEM are belong to us.

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I am missing the wiper arm (1st gen GEM). Does anyone know what complete replacement arm will fit?

Its a marinco wiper motor, so anything that fits that spline will work.

I used this one off amazon.