Which Battery to choose?

Subaru WRX 2016
I am about to install after market sound system and I was wondering which battery would be the best for me.

  1. ODYSSEY 35-PC1400T


  3. XS POWER XS Power D4800

The last one is too big and it would have to be moved in to the trunk.
First two batteries would fit in.
What do you think about those brands. Which one would be the best for me. Or should I get different model form whose brands and just move it in the trunk.

Let the vendor of the sound system tell you what to use.

By The Way: If this is the start of a Spam thread let it end here,

Its not a spam. I am trying to make the right decision. Can you advise me which brand of those batteries would the best?
Probably I will move the battery to the trunk and now I have to choose best brand, since dimensions of the battery does not matter.


Specs are good and a very pretty designer case.

For Heavy duty Deep cycle batteries Deka is pretty hard to beat. Since size is not a problem take a look here.Look for golf car (GC) batteries as their as strong as it gets size for size. A 12 volt size 31 weighs about 60 pounds.


Specs are good, but I live in Chicago land and closes dealer is around 1000 miles away, where Battery Plus which caries Odyssey and XS brand is around 5 miles from my house. If something goes wrong I would rather to have it close to the store to exchange it quick.
If my stock battery is 45 AH and I will get something around 80AH will the alternator be able to fully charge it? I have read that AGM does not like to be undercharged.