My 99 with 12" wheels and stock tires. $271 on Ebay These are 3x3 offset and fit without spacers and no modifications are required to anything.

Looking good - reminds me, I must watch the latest episodes of Sons of Anarchy.

They do look the business though :slight_smile:

Hi I bought a e4 that has 14 inch wheel tires and it won’t fit In my trailer it’s to tall by about 1 1/2 inches could u please measure the height of yours at the highest point to the roof of yours please and also how much would shipping be to 28756 zip code. Thanks ,tony

68 inches. Take the back wheels off and slide it in.

This is only set of wheels I have lol but I did let enough air out to get it in trailer by the skin of my teeth but don’t wanna air up and down every time I take her to the beach. Do u still have that set of rims/tires for sale? Also wheel they fit with disc brakes on fronts? Thanks

Gone a couple of weeks a go.