Tires and/or wheel recommendations

I’ve read the posts about using rims as large as 17". I need help finding replacement tires for my 165/70R12 tires which are about slick after 13 years. I have chrome wheels on my 2008 e4.

Can anyone recomment replacement tires and/or approx. 14" wheels with tires. Cost is a major factor.

Thanks for any response.

I just bought a package with Discount tire online for 560 delivered with nice gunmetal rims with 185/65/14" tires, you can get the lugs at pep boys a lot cheaper

Could you post a link? Or the stock number? Thanks

Discount tire item #'s 31100 for tires and 66887 for the wheels, let me know you were able to locate, thanks, LP

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Also I deal with Eric Krammayer and he got me a package deal too

It appears that no one has a source for 10" tires. I have nice chrome wheels I hate to give up.

Other than a Yokohama tire for big bucks I halven’t found anything.

I have the tires and wheels that came on my GEM. They were removed with maybe 10 miles on them. What might they be worth?