What Vacuum Pump do you guys like?

Hello everybody, I am looking for a little help. I actually don’t have an EV, but have a similar issue to you guys. I have a car with not a lot of vacuum to operate the power brakes. I am looking at getting an electric vacuum pump. I’ve seen the Master Power pump, the SSBC pump, and also the ones from Metric Mind. I am curious if any of you have used these, and could give me any comparisons as far as flow rates and noise. I don’t want a pump that shakes the whole car, but a little noise is ok. From what I’ve read, I think I like the Metric Mind pumps but they are really expensive–$460 for the one I would want.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks, Scott

Here are a couple pics for you:
Stainless Steel Brakes Company Pump

Master Power Brakes and Classic Performance Products Pump

Metric Mind (MES-DEA) Pump

I assume your problem is generated by a radical cam then? Might consider a vacuum cannister. A vac can will accumulate vacuum as you drive, and have it available for the brakes.

If you want to spend money and you have power steering, look at doing a hydroboost conversion. Hydroboost came on heavy duty GM trucks, and runs the brakes off the power steering pump, so you don’t necessarily have to use an aftermarket kit. Parts can be had at salvage yards, if it will fit in your application. The main advantage to hydroboost over a vacuum system is it allows you to have more valuable real estate under the hood by getting rid of the huge vacuum booster. The brakes look downright tiny compared to a vacuum boosted set. No idea what kind of drag it puts on the engine, since these will be engine driven brakes. They also have a kind of charge circuit that allows you to hit the brakes with power 2-3 times in the event of an engine shutdown while moving, after that it’s manual brakes.