2018 Gem E6 power steering retrofit

My girlfriend is struggling with a manual steering at low speeds.

Can i convert to power?

Where can I buy?


If you find one you’ll need to reflash the VCM. Btw I just finish working in a 2022 with Power steering and I want it too :slightly_smiling_face:

How hard is it to flash VCM? is that a dealer only service?

Hey Interesting subject. Installing one should be pretty easy. My question is !!! You think you could get it to work on High voltage cars (cars over 48volts) and if your car is Modified to go faster then 35 do you think it would freak out and not comply

Not sure wym, EPS works with 12v so if you have a modified car you should have a proper dc dc converter based on your cars new voltage.

I just finished a 2022 with eps and I didn’t notice any difference at 35mph, untested over that speed

Dave said he thought it’s used CAN BUSS information to communicate with the steering.
Example if the speedo is accurate and working in stock form. The eps provides more help at 1MPH then it does at 25 MPH so I was wondering for thoes of us that have hot Rodded our cars if the Can Buss signal was not available or not accurate would the EPS just not work.

Yeah dealer should be easier, Or someone with digital wrench

Interesting. My car is a 40mph+(gearing) might cause some issues.

Got it, my bad misunderstood then.

Finished a hv conversion swap and the eps still works.

What voltage is your car

It was 48v now 18s ~74v

Ok that’s great Info so the Power Steering is 12v and the PS units can take higher voltage cars. Is your car communicating with the factory CAN BUS.

My car is running a S6 controller and the Speedo is not communicating with my car via CAN BUS. Just wondering what it would take to get a Power Steering unit going on my car

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