Add EPS to 2002 GEM

Installing aa EZ Steer EPS.
2002 E825 with Ride-4-Fun 7.5 HP motor and their charger.
Can the dc to dc converter handle an additional 220w (19 amps at 12v) and provide between 85 and 100 amp hours?
If not I will add an additional battery and add a trickle charger powered off the AC to the charger.
Any advice appreciated.

The installation instructions for the 2016+ EPS are at

An additional battery is needed. The 2016+ EPS uses a recharged via the 300W 48-to-12 DC/DC converter when driving and when wall charging. Because I am adding additional accessories I added a second battery of same exact model. That is I’m providing surge capacity via the batteries rather than the inverter and running the inverter at its full capacity at a higher duty cycle. Send pictures.

Ok I see they are $1,200.00
How do they work? Would love to try a car with it

I’m in San Diego, Hillcrest area. Based on the background of your pictures looks like you might be in North or East County.

My driver loves it. Basically it was the difference from barely driveable to unobtrusive assist for her. It’s not a strong as an engine-powered power steering when stopped but pretty good when rolling.

It is a simple full-time steering wheel torque sensing assist system. It is not a sophisticated speed, direction and road sensing variable assist system. Its a good match for the GEM’s simplicity. And it would work for the speeds you drive at.

The battery goes in the passenger side of the dashboard (LH drive). I could fit the second battery I am adding with a bit of creativity but instead putting it to the right of the 3KW charger (along with the NOCO 10amp charger for the onboard O2 concentrator system). I am adding a number of accessories and I needed surge capacity so my solution was the second battery and longer 300W DC/DC recharging duty cycle rather than a second DC/DC inverter’s cost and complexity.

The motor when the controller is reprogrammed can run at 41 MPG. I had mine reset to 30 as our town has very tight speed enforcement. The charger allows me to keep the batteries charging all the time as it will not overcharge. In my opinion it is a very good investments.

Will try to get pics.

I bought my eps from Amazon for $599. Once installed will report on operation.

This kit welds inline with steering shaft?
@grantwest would this help @MikeKC ?

I was not sure but it looks like the EPS kit gives you NEW shorter shafts. The EPS go’s in-line and the electronic kit takes up space.

Thanks all for the advice and suggestions.