Complete Installation of EPS on a Manuel Steering GEM. Digital Wrench not required

The EPS on Polaris GEMS work extremely well. It is a must for wider wheels and tires which have to be wrestled with to turn at rest even on newer GEMS. Some of you are aware that years ago there was a EPS Installation Kit offered by Polaris. It is no longer available. So why can’t we put a used EPS unit onto a manuel steering GEM?
Some men see things as they are and ask, “Why?” GEM forum sees things that never were and ask, “Why Not?” RFK
I tried and failed a year ago. Installation went as planned, but I could never overcome the service code error on the speedometer. I thought it might be that (DW) Digital Wrench is required to write to the ECU telling it there was now an EPS on the cart. I even bought a DW laptop with interface (which I will likely sell on EBay since it was not required) Turns out I was wrong.
I have included a page from Polaris Installation of EPS and another from the service manuel.
The EPS installation manuel was written for earlier 2016-2017 GEM. At that time they did not ship with the accessory battery unless there were options such as Heater or EPS. I have corrected the schematic for the proper wiring for those later GEMs that came with a pre installed battery. The problem I overcame on the second attempt had to due with the CAN system on the cart. My cart had the Lithium battery upgrade and the fast charger upgrade. These devices if you add them on need to be daisy chained in the right order. For example the factory lithium pack has a male and a female plug, So does the fast charger and the EPS. These need to be in the proper order for there to be no error on the speedometer. So the daisy chain on my cart goes from the lithium pack to the fast charger to the EPS. No CAN errors now!

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I may be interested in the DW laptop if it does what i need.

I have 3 Factory Gem EPS units

John What’s a good price for a EPS?

That’s the integral part!! I really wish we could put together a package of this with the 2 shafts, bracket and wiring harness. Gems are so much easier to steer with EPS. I think the kit was around $1900 back when it was available. How much is it worth? Well I flew to Orlando ,stripped a GEM, packaged it in a container, shipped it back and got Covid on the trip just to get that EPS. So to me it’s worth ALOT.

Hey John. I was wondering If one could buy the Spline to shaft adaptors and then Cut down your stock steering shaft and buy the factory EPS mount that gos on the inside of the car or just make your own? And get EPS working.
Seems like a waste to just Throw out your factory steering shaft. Seems like anyone with access to a welder or fabrication shop could weld a Adaptor on for ya

Here ya go all 3

Grant, this EPS shaft has been out in the elements over the rainy season. Looks horrible. Didn’t think anyone would need it since I had to cut the upper portion of the shaft (couldn’t get steering wheel off shaft). Anyway its yours for free, PM your address so I can get it to you.
I’m remembering your sway bar post and how well that came out. I think you need another project of creating an EPS add on kits for 2016-23 Gems.
I’m thinking you can use this as a template for the upper shaft. Of course we still need the lower shaft, bracket and wiring harness. Can you get these parts from Gem of Miami? I still haven’t had the time to call. I did have a manuel steering shaft, however sold it a few weeks ago on EBay.

That would be cool. I think I’m gonna do a EPS on my car. Do you see any issues with me having a High Voltage conversion. I take it the EPS runs on 12v