GEM 2016-2022 Using Digital Wrench (DW) to change ECM settings

I have been told by GEM dealers that you can’t change ECM settings just by using DW. The settings are unique to Serial number and stored in a Polaris Gem database. Which means any changes need to be done by the powers that be at Gem Headquarters.
My experience is that there are certain changes that can be made outside of the Polaris Web Database. For example, DJGabriel2004 was able with DW to change the Battery management settings (BMC) without having to connect with Polaris datebase. That enabled me to change from the standard 4 battery pack to the 8 battery AGM back. It also changed the delta charging profile. But we were unable to change settings to a Polaris lithium pack.
I ran into difficulty adding or subtracting the GEM electric power steering (EPS). I added EPS to my 2018 E4 but after powerup it showed the System wrench on the Speedometer. When I removed the EPS the System wrench is still present. Similiar problem with addng standard steering to a GEM E4 that had the EPS from the factory.
Has anyone had any success contacting Polaris to change ECM settings? Thanks in advance