What should we do with our 2005 gem car?

We’re hopefully going to get it charging soon. We’ll probably need a new charger, but we’ll see.

This Is a 2014 that I tricked out for my personal Gem.

Lithium battery pack ,

Bluetooth battery balancer/monitor

Reprogrammed charger

Reprogrammed t5 controller

Led tail lights

15” wheels and performance tires with proper spacers

Updated high speed , Quiet transmission

About 37 mph top speed , can be adjusted .

Speedo reads accurate up to 40 mph

Michael Mccormick





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Hi Michael, do you have pics?


Year land type of lithium

$? Thanks.

I just put new gels in my 72 V, but would be interested in upgrading. I assume new parts are available on a ’14?


We put new batts in and just now got to reset the charger. It works now! We’ll see, but it looks like we have it running again! We are going to put it in the parade on Friday.

We got the charging issue fixed, but it’s now come up with a new malady. We got the 06 error code and the wrench came on a couple of times. I started it up again and it went away, but we don’t trust it again. What does the 06 error code mean? It stopped dead when it happened. It was very snowy, and the car had been left outside, so maybe snow was in the works? What do you think? Old Houseboater any thoughts?

06 is accelerator or F-R switch issue.

“The accelerator pedal is depressed with no direction selected”

A bad key switch can cause random errors. As per @grantwest.

Thanks! I changed from low to high speed, and after that it came on.

Hard to tell, but it seems to have quit now.

We’re going to drive it in the parade on Friday! It’s a little crazy having a winter parade, but we’re doing it! We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully I won’t have to call triple A again!!!

Hi Michael, do you have pics?


Year land type of lithium

$? Thanks.

I just put new gels in my 72 V, but would be interested in upgrading. I assume new parts are available on a ’14?


Martin ,

sorry for the delayed response . Someone locally saw it and said they wanted it . Need to follow up with them first .

It has the green lifepo4 batteries in it that INWO sells . about 400 miles on them . I put a re manufactured t5 controller in it from Flight systems so I dont know what exact mileage is . I would guess 10k miles . These are the only pictures I can find of it at this time . Will look for some more in the next few days .

We drove it in the parade on Friday and it was a big hit! Surrounded by gigantic gas guzzlers with other gas guzzlers on them it was the only carbon neutral float in the parade. We handed out pencils and kids actually wanted them! Fun time was had by all. It’s great to have the electric car going again!
Here’s a pic of the one we had before. It was a solar car built by Art Haines.

Nice photo! How much this solar car cost?

By the way, I found an interesting review about How Much Do Solar Cars Cost? - Blog About Solar Energy | Websolarguide

Around 3 grand, and we sold it back to the inventor, who sold it to another school as a leaning project. It was really fun. It’s in our film, Peak Oil: A Love Story on youtube. It’s about a third of the way into the film.

I unplug and replug the car every week or so. I was really dismayed to find no charge, even though it was making all the right noises, etc. Today I checked and it’s fully charged! I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s working now!

Just purchased a set of 31DCMJ’s from O’Reilly’s…was told they are the same as 31DCM and the J stands for Johnson Controls…they searched the database for 31DCM…none were available anywhere…

These are classified as a starting battery by Johnson Controls. They do not have a Deep Cycle rating. Since you now own them please keep us up to date on their service.

The 31DCM are manufactured by East Penn and are the private lable version of their DEKA Deep Cycle brand.

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@Trip Thats an interesting frontend on your GEM.Can you post some more pics? Did you build it?
How about the rear body?

Yes we built the car, the grille is from a 1937 Morris 8 we used to have, rest of the nose is frp with a wood frame under it. Back body was done in wood. Learned quite a bit about what we did right and what we did wrong. Going to start building another one soon.

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Well-done! Did you start with a 2-seater GEM?