Washing the Gem CAr

Hi All, I am new to the forum and was wandering if there are any do’s or dont’s when giving the Gem car a good washing? Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. Is it easy enough to take a house to the entire car and just go out it or do I need to be careful around specific areas of the car.


Use common sense and don’t spray upward in the front areas of the car. Lotta electrics under the dash. It’s Ok to spray downward in the battery areas.

I unsnap floor mats where you can wash under floor mats.Also after wash I use leaf blower to remove excess water and drive car to shake any loose water off frame and this heats wheels where you wont get rust in wheels.:clap2:

Just use a bucket and rag. Using a hose is just asking for trouble IMO.

Has anyone damaged their GEM while washing it?

Since my E2 came with hard doors and a rear window I wash it with a hose and a bucket of soap like regular cars. Very little water gets inside. I am very careful with the windows so as to not scratch them. I use a plastic spray kind of wax on the windows and the body.:shower:

I clean my hard door windows and plastic rear window with a marine plastic polish. I used it for years on all my airplane windscreens as well. Does a great job and puts a good coating on also.