Want to buy a new hood For my 2002 e4

I live in NY and am looking for a hood for my 2002 gem e4. My is in pretty rough shape. I found one out west but shipping To NY is a killer. Must be in decent shape. Any idea where I might find one?

Try https://www.nevaccessories.com/

Hi - not sure if my message from another post got to you but I have new and used front cowls. I live in East Greenbush,NY. Give me a call at 518 369-0977.
Thanks Jim.

Very interested I will call you this week

Thank You
Peter A Sciocchetti

I just sent you a text about a hood for a 2002 E825 2 seater

Didnt get it…

do you have any hoods that would fit my 2002 E825 2 seater?

Nev Accesories sells them painted or even in prime

I saw that but they want a fortune for one, thanks for the info though.

What are they selling for on Ebay? I have seen junker cars (with good hoods) sell for less then $500

You may look to buy a used car and take what parts you like and need for your car and then sell what you can, see if you can re gain your cost. Remember shipping is gonna add $100 or $200 to what ever you buy