Gem 2002 hard doors

I am looking for hard doors for my 2002 E285. Does anyone know where I might find them?

I have a friend that has a complete set” all 4 factory doors) and all the mounting stuff they are in great condition he wants $1000 and from what I have seen that’s a fair price his number is
510-504-5444 Harold

Thanks I sent him a message. Where is he located?

In Hayward California

I will personally vouge for for the Quality of the doors he is selling. I sold Harold a car and he removed the doors and put them up for sale. The doors came off this car it is a


The doors are not all sun faded like most cars. The 08 was always coverd or garaged so they are for the most part shiny and in great overall condition. I have seen lots of cars with doors and these were some of the best ones I had played with.

Crap I just realized your gem is a E-2 crap never mind

Harold said they should fit my 2002 as they fit multiple years. Do you know specifically if the 2007/2008 doors will fit my 2002?

They will not fit your 2 door car, they are for a 4 door which is a totally different door.

I have a 4 door, but I have a 2002 and want to know if the 2008 doors will fit it.

I have a set of doors. White off an 2002 long bed.

Yes the doors off a 2008 E4 will fit a 2002 E825

Do you still have these doors? Did you ever find the brackets?

Text Harold 510-504-5444
He has all the details on what he has I can’t remember what small parts he is missing

Hello hoover! i would love those doors. how much are you selling them for?

Hello gemcar, I honestly don’t know what they are worth! White with hardware.

I’m not sure either.

Does you still have these?

Harold still has the doors

The 4 seater 02 doors?