Gem cart doors for sale hard doors

They like new with everything just no mirrors u put your own

Hi, how much are you selling them for and do you have hardware for mounting them on a GEM that didn’t have doors? Thanks.

Yea I have all the mounts for u and if you don’t mind what year are u trying to put doors on

Hi, our vehicle is a 2002 825. How much will you sell them for and where are you located? Shipping? Can these be easily installed on a GEM that had no doors originally? Thank you.


Gary Birke

Motorworks Clean Vehicles, Inc.

111 Sunrise Highway

Amityville NY 11701


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I’m am selling them for 500$ and shipping I have to see how much extra. And I’m in California

And I do not know the difficulty cause they came on the cart like that.

Hoping they will fit on a 2003 E 825 Long Bed I’m restoring for my daughter to drive at college.
We’re in California and would like to bring cash and pick up the doors ASAP.

Home phone is 559-822-4468
Mobile 310-308-4530

I have texted you some info

I take it these are sold?