GEM e4 Factory Hard Doors for Sale

I have a set of doors for GEM e4 that are factory installed. Make me an offer. I am in Iowa.

Still available? Any pictures? Any hardware included?

Are they still available?

Yes they are still available. Also have the heater as well if interested.

Here are a couple pictures. The doors are a little dirty but are in fantastic shape. I have had the car for over 11 years and never used the doors. The dealer used the doors on the car as a demo vehicle 13 years ago. I have the hardware still on the car but was hoping to sell the doors without the hardware (I didnt want to mess with it). I figured the hardware could be ordered from Polaris (I verified parts are available).

did you sell the doors? and the heater?

Yes I still have the doors and the heater. Let me know if your interested

Yes I do, I have the doors and heater

will they fit 2005 e4 and how much for doors and for heater?

As far as I understand they will fit 2002 to 2012. You would have to buy the brackets to weld to the frame. I saw them before on eBay and Polaris. I can remove all other brackets and hardware. I was asking $1000 but I’m open to any reasonable offer. Where are you located? I’m in eastern Iowa