GEM Factory Hard Doors

Has anyone retrofit a set of the big hard doors from GEM. For a 2000 E-825 E-2. Looks like some welding is required.

It would be a lot of work. Those doors are very expensive. Water gets inside whenever it rains.

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Wow!. That’s more than I expected. I think I’ll sell the doors instead. Two new ones , in factory boxes, for $1500.00, plus shipping. Bare doors only, no hardware.

The passenger side’s pic shows the iron door-hanger bracket “slid” almost all the way out of the aluminum frame channel; roof bolt re-inserted for safe-keeping.

Pics show rear door bracket (the door-latch-to-body) lower and upper area…

last 2 pics: one front bracket and all 4 brackets laid out…

Local GEM dealer says they won’t attempt putting doors on a non-factory door equipped Cart! Too much trouble at $60.00/hr labor!

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these doors look great, and keep the weather out when the rear window is installed too! Too bad, no one out here in AZ works on these things. Dealer tells me buy one with the doors installed at the factory, and sell your current one.

That’s big money just for doors. I hate to say it but dealers right.

I need help for a person on FB… how to remove hard doors on a 2009 e2… anyone have a video or can tell how it is done… please help either here or in the group… thanks… Bob

Pop the pin out. One one each door. My 2008 and 2010.

I have good luck using this tequnique.

Open the door. And have a person lift up on the end (where the door latches at) this will or should take the pressure off the hinge. Have them rock up and down to find the sweet spot. You should be able to push the pin up and out of the door hinge. I have only had a few cars that the pins were rusted in place. In that case you need to get a punch that fits in the hole at the end of the pin. You would need to hammer up on the pin to push it out of the hinge


Hi!! I have a 2008 Gem e86, would those doors fit my cart? Thanks!!!