Gem 4 Looking for doors

Im looking for a set of Hard doors for my 2001 Gem 4 pass. ONLY looking for hard doors. Will be interested in a 4 door gem car with doors also. (Parts car?)

Supposedly this is a tricky install unless they came from the factory w/ hard doors. Requires welding and some fitting/cutting. There’s a recent thread on the subject somewhere on these forums. The recommendation was to trade in the GEM and buy one with factory installed hard doors.

welcome to the forum… think Al is right about the doors they are tricky… somewhere in the last 4 digits of the VIN is the door size from what I understand… I strongly you contact Scott at… he makes a framed canvas door that will fit tight… opens like a regular door and will last a long time… I’m at 3 years with mine and I leave them on all the time… my car is my daily driver… I have a friend here with hard doors on his '03 he is always having to adjust the tracks and make other adjustments… says if the car hadn’t come with the doors he’d live without them…

I just read a blog post by Innovation Motorsports a GEM car builder who said no two GEM cars are built the same… he went on to say they had two… some year with VINs one number apart… meaning they came off the assembly line 1 & 2… in this case they were lifting the cars and found the frames off each other by a few inches… very well would change the doors as well


I had a Gem with Hard doors and in my opinion they look good from 10 feet away but when you get to use them first hand you can see how light weight and flimsy they are.
Over rough surfaces they rattle and make quite a bit of noise. And the fact you can’t lock them. I have also had a car with soft doors and yes they are harder to get in and out of but I think they work better. So my advise is if you can get a car or a set if door for next to nothing then go for it. Otherwise go for a set of soft doors