New (to me Gem) 2002

I picked up another Gem yesterday. This one is a 2002 With hard doors.
Other then the Hard doors & Deka Gell battery’s it’s stock.

My impression of the hard doors are; they are very light weight and they do the job. They give the car a unique look and offer protection from the elements.

I wish they were a bit more sturdy and didn’t feel flimsy. Knowing what a car door feels like only worsens your expectations. I guess if you were used to soft doors on a Jeep these would feel like a big up grade.

Being a person that can’t leave stock alone I think I will be doing some mods to lessen the door shake and squeaks the doors offer I think simply beefing up the door latch system I can get rid of 90% of the movement the doors have.

Just curious. What kind of window does the driver and passenger door have? The picture makes it look like either a “half window” or a window rolled down.

AR; The windows are very simple design that slide up or down that’s it, it works like a guillotine. The windows slide all the way up and latch. You simply release the latch at the window slides all the way down to the position you see it on the driver side. The rear windows are the same A simple but effective light weight solution. I gave the car a good washing yesterday and was quite happy with the lack of water in that got into the car I thought when I was finished the car was going to be quite wet inside.

Thanks. I’m assuming they’re OEM doors. Appears there’s only a single hinge per each door. That doesn’t make for a very stable door attachment does it and probably leads to a lot of your rattle.

These doors are OEM. The doors require frequent adjustment. The windows are fragile at low temperatures and very expensive (over $300).

Daniel Thanks for the Reply what kind of advice can you give me on adjusting the doors. And what not to do with the windows and what kind of temps are we talking about. I’m in Ca so we don’t dip that low for very long. The Doors just don’t seem to close that tight against side of the car making them move around a bit more then im used to. But I don’t know what’s normal as far as door gap/movment.

See my thread here.

The pin must not rotate with the door. That will egg out the bracket. I setscrew the pin to the bracket so it won’t move. The pin must be greased. Look at wear on the door strike to determine whether to raise or lower the door.


Daniel; do you sell the stainless pins with set screws?

Haven’t got any free time right now.