Gem Soft Doors

After having the Factory soft (zip open and close) doors, the zipper on the drivers side door gave out.:frowning: I was wanting to go to a door system that operated like a regular car door, (not standing on your head to reach the zipper, to open the door). I looked at the hard doors, but was told that they were a poor choice, due to cost, and performance. It seems like a lot of owners are having leaking problems, during rainstorms. :mad: After surfing the web for doors,I ran across this web/site GEM CAR DOORS - Stylish Soft Doors for the GEM Car. I called and talked to Scott Southard (pres) of the company. He was very helpful in explaining how the doors mounted and worked. The rear top section of the doors close “outside of the valance”!:eek: I couldn’t believe they would not leak while driving in the rain. Scott assured me they would not leak so I took him at his word, and he was right!:slight_smile: The doors are easy to install, and operate like the hard doors, but without the leaks!:smiley: If you are tired of zipping,and unzipping your soft doors,these are a great option.]([/IMG]]([/IMG]]([/IMG]]([/IMG]

Sorry about the double post!:o The PC is running slow this morning!

How easy are they to install initially? And once installed, can you get them off when the weather is sunny and warm and back on again when it’s raining or chilly? Also what did you do about a rear window?

My Gem came with a rear window already installed! The doors are very easy to remove. Just 2 screws (with knobs on them) and unzip the front zipper. It takes about 45 seconds per door. The installation is a snap!:slight_smile: I like the way they close,using a latch (automotive type),and open. No more zippers and standing on your head to open and close.:thumb:

I’m assuming there is a window you can unzip as well and that it rolls up or folds down inside the GEM?

Yes, the windows roll up on the inside, and have a strap with a snap to hold them while in the rolled up position. These doors are extremely well built, and the design, as well as the functions work perfectly!:thumb: All the clear panels are “hand picked” and there is no distortion, when looking through them. They are under half the cost of the hard doors, and function better!:slight_smile:

Thanks for the post, very informative. I’m considering doors in the near future.

They are a good investment for your Gem. My Gem NOW get’s used 12 months out of the year!:slight_smile:

I agree with Ron… Scott and the doors are great… I had a frame break and Scott replaced it… then the door got caught buy a gust of wind that broke the top hinge another call and I received a new part… I’ve had my doors for about 3 years… thought I’d remove them during the warm months but like the security thay bring… also think they afford me a little more safety


That is a nice ride,Bob!:thumb:

Thanks Ron… what year is your GEM… I’m looking for a full rear window like yours… I ordered one and got the one for the car with the accessory handle on the window sill Bob

Bob, my e2 is a 2010. It had the rear window,and splash guards,and entry scuff covers installed on it when we got it. I think it was a dealer package?