Soft Doors

Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me source a set of these doors

This is our Family car these are the doors it came with.

Im not a big fan of these because the door opening is rater small and hard to use pluse the window area is smaller then the car blue above, there is no tag or info on my set of soft doors for the family car

hi Grant… and in Fl I have seen some nice ones from Todd Gallop at Undercover Canvas, Inc. specializes in making custom canvas enclosures for neighborhood electric vehicles and golf carts.

Soft Doors

not all doors fit all cars… the door measurements seem to be in the VIN after the F… be careful about buying used ones


6040 SE 126th St
Belleview, Florida
(352) 348-5116
Undercover Canvas Inc.

Hey I spoke with He recognized the doors on the blue car and said they were one of his original designs. A set like that goes for around 750 bucks.

We also talked about the pros and cons of the doors with the metal frame versus the zip up doors . Apparently the metal frame and doors are much easier to get in and out of of course but do not offer as well of a sealed up or Water tight Option.

One way of looking at it was if you’re in and out of the car quite often then I framed door would be better for you. But if you tend to get in the car and stay there in till your batteries are done then the zip up doors would be good for you . The frame doors were around twice the price as the zip up doors

I have Scott’s frame doors on my eS… I added more snaps and Velcro… like that they open like a real door but only have 2 doors not 4


I have a used set somewhere in my garage if someone is interested .

I would be interested in a used set of doors. PMed

Cutom825… be very careful… not all GEM doors fit all cars, the last digits in the VIN tell what door you need… if King can give you the vin the doors came off of you can call Scott at GEMcardoors and I’m quite sure he’d be happy to check if they’d work


found them , they well need to be cleaned up . they came off a 2006 4 seater .I don’t have that gem anymore but can call the new owner and get vin if that is needed . is 200. plus shipping a good price for you ?

King… I’ll post them for sale on my GEM car Doors group on facebook as well… if Cutom doesn’t want them


[quote=eS GEM Colo;27747]King… I’ll post them for sale on my GEM car Doors group on facebook as well… if Cutom doesn’t want them


thanks Bob,

custom gets first shot , then open.

vin # is 5asag47436f039327 2006 gem 4 door

FYI I sourced some information that doors would be cross compatible for all the vins as follows:

28682-39327-42519 those vins all have a matching size for the doors.