Soft Doors for a 2012 GEM e4

Even tho we live down here in the Florida heat, the wife gets cold from the windflow when we’re driving, and we do get a lot of rain, so interested in getting a set of doors for my 2012 GEM E4. This gem had hard doors once upon a time, but were removed before I purchased it. I have seen the offerings by gemcardoors and Ride4Fun, but neither has very good pictures nor details regarding how the look up close, how they open/close/rollup, etc. They also seem to come with a back window, which I already have.

I would welcome folks opinions and recomendations.

I have had a few cars with all versions of doors.

The ride for fun doors seem the cheapest IMO
Gem car doors makes 2 kinds the ones that have a metal Frame and the ones that don’t.

IMO the ones with out a frame are the best. And this is why. For me, I get in the car and don’t get out till the ride is over. But if I was constantly in and out of the car then zipping and un zipping would be a pain.

The doors with the frames don’t line up very well and are pretty fragile they clank around and don’t seal vey well and they are not smooth down the sides (but they are more convenient) the zip up doors seal tight against the car and come on and off the car in 10 mins. Not the case for the hard doors.

I have had cars with Hard Doors, framed soft doors and No framed soft doors and my 2c is the soft zip up doors

Here is a example of zip up doors this was on our 02

In cold weather these doors seal up so well that its actually warm in the car. And yes all the windows unzip and roll down. But the best part is they are quiet and don’t rattle like all other doors

Sorry edit the Windows don’t roll down you have to just roll up the door

I’m with Grant. The Zip Ups seal better and don’t rattle.

They seem less confining. The hard doors seem to make the cabin a bit claustrophobic to me.

GEM themselves don;t seem to make soft doors for the 2012 e4, so I suppose best route would be to go with the ones from GemCarDoors. Anyone have issues installing them?

They install very easy

I guess my concern is related to the fact this particular GEM e4 once had hard doors and there are some residual vestiges that may get in the way…

Your gonna need to remove that or cut your soft doors around that

The guy will just cut out around it and add an extra snap = zero problem.

Ya, it is welded to the frame… There aren’t a lot of good pictures of the doors installed on an E4 to determine where it would interfere.

if you remove the plastic from the side of the car you can either Un bolt the Hard Door mounts or cut them off. Question what did you do with the hard doors that were once on this car?

I have a friend selling a set of good used hard doors if your Intrested.

I bought the Gem from a dealer and he had trashed the doors before I got it. I may be interested in Hard doors if they are in good shape…and not too pricey.

Send me a PM the doors are in Great shape

Todd Gallop in Lady Lake Fl makes outstanding Zipper packages for GEMS. I have a set of his on my cart and super smooth with no wrinkles.


Thanks, I sent you a PM.